Intelligent Parking

Technology for Smart Cities

Based on our own technology and management expersise gained through the direction of concessions contracts, we offer mobility solutions (car parks and specifically bicycles parks) and access control in offices, homes, hotels and vacational resorts. 


We have developed the "Pverde" (Green Parking) system so that from theirs own mobile phones users can get access to car parks, offices, home or simply to park their bike in a safe and controlled place, with no ticket, no keys, no remote control and bypassing the ATM.


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Car Parks

  • Private garages
  • Business with ancillary car parks
  • Operators
  • Collaborative economies without keys



  • On street (Portables: "Easo", "Tudela", etc)
  • Off street: stores, garages, etc.
  • Intelligent parking lots network for bikes.



  • Access through App or keypad
  • Use & rent WITH NO KEYS
  • Permits and hierarchy

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