Smart Cities

For a sustainable mobility

We are a young company. Techies and parking management experts, we believe that we need a "revolution" in the sector, with value proposals and with more comfort for users.

We uphold sustainable mobility, based on utilization of existing parking lots, both public and private, so that we decrease the emission of gases. Moreover, we believe in the bike as a mobility in our cities, and we want to defend -unfortunately- bikes from common problems such as theft, vandalism or weather.


We like to listen: we want to create a smart community of smart users.

Why have we create PVerde?

Because in our daily life there are things that we like to change:

  • Car parking: we always lose the tickets! I hate the queues at the cashiers! I feel good when I open the gate without lowering the window! I want to rent my  private garage space!
  • Bicycle parking: a safe, clean and controlled park to my bike, please !!
  • For that matter, why not dispense with the keys to enter the house or office? Or be able to rent the apartment without the hassle of getting to hand over the keys; or turn on the heating before arriving; or...

And because we love what we do!